Oatman, AZ


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Oatman is a fabulous historic mining town that is still alive and kicking. There are 8 of our “Historic Tour” scan stations in Oatman. Explore the town, meet the locals, find and scan our signs for an exciting window into Oatman’s wild west past.


Oatman – Station 1 – Walter’s House, Snob Hill, School House, Lee’s Lumber, Goldroad

Oatman – Station 2 – The Post Office

Oatman – Station 3 – Theater Building – St Francis Hotel – Gas station – Mission Inn

Oatman – Station 4 – Classy Ass – Oatman Gift Shack – Jackass Junction – Ore House – Oatman Burros

Oatman – Station 5 – Oatman Hotel, The General Store, & The Gold Dollar

Oatman – Station 6 – Mining in Oatman (by Greg Carson) – Arizona Hotel Lot – Fast Fanny’s – Bucktooth Burro – Burro Flats

Oatman – Station 7 – Oatman Drug Building – Walsh Building – Lower School House – Oatman Drug Building

Oatman – Station 8 – Community Center – Original Fire House – Jail

***The “Historic Oatman Walking Tour” was created for the town of Oatman, by Rob Borden, founder of the Saddle Sore Ranch (aka “SSR”). Content contributions were made by the Oatman Chamber of Commerce, Oatman Tailings Of Time Historical Society, Leanne Toohey, Oatman residents and other historic contributors. The Saddle Sore Ranch is located just 12 miles east of Oatman, at milepost 36.5 on Historic Route 66. For more information, visit us online at www.SaddleSoreRanch.com, or email us at LiveFromSSR@gmail.com

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