Antares, AZ


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The village of Antares began as a railroad siding. The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad was laying tracks through the area in 1883 and had to reroute around the Peacock Mountains, diverting south of the mountains to the easier gradient through nearby Hackberry; when continuing west, the gradient was lower in the Hualapai Valley 6 miles (10 km) to the north of Hackberry, where Antares now lies. The railroad thus took a large curve to travel through this point down into Kingman. The siding built on the curve became incorporated as Antares after the National Old Trails Highway was constructed in 1910, following the railroad in this part of Arizona; when Route 66 was built in 1926 it also ran parallel to the railroad. Antares was first recorded as a “town and railroad station” in the United States Geological Survey of 1923.

There are over 6,000 mining claims in and around Antares, of which 5,566 are closed. There are 213 identifiable mines in the area, which primarily dug for copper, gold, lead, and silver. (source: Wikipedia)

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